Lincoln Professor to lead WW1 Research for BBC East

The AHRC have announced the names of the researchers selected to participate in the BBC’s ‘Word War One at Home’ project. Of those chosen few Professor Jane Chapman of the University of Lincoln has been awarded the role of research for the East of England. The project is set to tell the story of the war through the people whose lives it transformed and will be broadcast across all BBC media until 2018, marking the centenary of the war’s beginning and reflecting its duration.

Professor Chapman already has a leading editorial and content role with six radio stations throughout BBC East and we’re delighted that one of our own academics has been chosen to take part in what will be a truly ground breaking look into the lives of those who were involved in one of the most defining periods in British history. This represents the hard work that is put into research here at Lincoln and will strengthen the already good links between the School of Journalism and the BBC, ultimately proving beneficial to our students of the present and the future.

We’re sure the project will prove to be a great success and look forward to watching it unfold.

For more details you can see the story on the AHRC website here.

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