Major Research Interests

A key area of research interest for the CRJ is peace journalism, stemming from the study of different journalism models. This research is used to support the teaching within the School and has lead, for example, to the forming of the new Journalism, War and International Human Rights MA.

Growing links with Indian institutions has also led to a greater focus on South Asian journalism. Dr Ola Ogunyemi has established a diasporic research group with partners in other universities and his book on this subject is set to be published soon.

Professor Jane Chapman continues to make major contributions to the study of comparative media history, and has also pioneered the study of gender in the history of print publications. One of her main areas of interest lies in comics and the world wars and sees her lead a research group of the same name. With the centenary of 1914-18 upon us, as well as the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2, these epic events are receiving a high public profile worldwide.

Our work is also supported by two significant archival projects. We have developed a close relationship with the renowned newspaper and television journalist, John Pilger, which has seen us work on the rebuilding of his website, and also now home the entire Lincolnshire Echo newspaper archive due to their recent relocation.

The School of Journalism is one of the few schools in the University to have received continuous council grant funding since 2007. A national success rate of 10-13% at obtaining grants is a considerable achievement and places Lincoln amongst the top universities internationally for journalism research.